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Wave: #117  | 
Type: Race 
Time: n/a 

Race Statistics (Current)
Race Distance:15.6 Miles
Total Swimmers:4
Total Dist. Swum:  n/a
Avg. Dist. Swum:n/a
Avg. Pace:n/a
The route can be swum in either direction. Our course starts on the North Island and finishes on the South Island (which just happens to be North of the starting point).

The route has very little shipping traffice to worry about. However, many swimmers do encounter swarms of stinging jellyfish. And 1 in 6 swimmers do see a shark.

The water temperature ranges from 57 to 66 degrees F (14 to 19 degrees C) and extreme tidal currents are common.
The first recorded swim of the Cook Strait was by Barry Devonport in 1962. Since then, only 66 additional individuals have completed the course.

For more information about this course / race please visit Cook Strait Marathon Swim

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