The English Channel Open Water Swim Challenge -- Our virtual swim simulator plots your open water swim course on a map. Sign up using the login link at the top of the screen. Then invite your fiends to join you on a virtual swim. After enrolling, use our swim calorie calculator to compute distance, pace and calories burned. Then save your swim in our swim workout log and apply the distance and calories to a open water swim challenge.

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This swim calories calculator uses distance, time, weight and swim stroke to calculate calories burned. Please be aware that the calories burned is an estimate. Actual calories burned will depend upon many other factors, such as general health, water temperature, stroke efficiency.
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Cranbury MDA Swim Challenge
Please join us in helping raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. We welcome both swimmers and donors.

Muscular dystrophy is a group of inherited disorders that involve muscle weakness and loss of muscle tissue. Over 50,000 people have MD worldwide.

To learn more about this illness, please visit the Muscular Dystrophy Association



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The distance from Shakespeare Beach in England to Cap Gis Nez in France is about 21 miles. However most people who swim the Channel end up swimming 30 to 40 miles because of the currents (our course is 21 miles).

The water temperature is usually about 60 degrees. Because wetsuits are not allowed for official crossings, most people respond by adding a little body fat and training in cold water.
Captain Matthew Webb is the first recorded person to swim the English Channel without the use of aids. On August 25, 1875, he swam from Dover to Calais in just under 22 hours.

Prior to the swim, he was the captain of a steamship. In 1873, he heard of a failed attempt by J.B. Johnson to swim the channel. He became inspired, quit his job and trained in the Thames and the Channel.

His feat won him public acclaim and adulation. In response, he licensed his name to a brand of matches and wrote a book.

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