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Wave: #114  | 
Type: Race 
Time: n/a 

Race Statistics (Current)
Race Distance:0.7 Miles
Total Swimmers:6
Total Dist. Swum:  n/a
Avg. Dist. Swum:n/a
Avg. Pace:n/a
This swim takes place in Lorne, Australia, 85 mile west of Melbourne. In Australia, Lorne is well known as a beautiful coastal vacation town -- as well as the location for this swim course.

The course starts with a dive off the pier, then a swim through Loutit Bay, followed by body surfing on to the beaches next to the Lorne Surf Life Saving Club.

Tradition dictates that participants then proceed to the Lorne Pub for a beer.
The race started over 20 years ago as a dare among Lorne Surf Life Saving Club members.

in 1998, 3,071 swimmers accepted the challenge, making it the world's largest open water swim. Since 2000, entries have capped at 4,000 every year and are offered by a lottery system.

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