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Wave: #102  | 
Type: Race 
Time: n/a 

Race Statistics (Current)
Race Distance:28.5 Miles
Total Swimmers:1
Total Dist. Swum:  n/a
Avg. Dist. Swum:n/a
Avg. Pace:n/a
Our race is a 28.5-mile swim starting and finishing in Battery Park City on the Hudson River. Participants swim counter-clockwise around Manhattan Island.

From June to mid-July the water is in the mid 60's. From mid-July to mid-August the water is in the 70's. There can be a substantial amount of chop in the water from wind and tide action. Although the course is a mostly open freshwater, the waterways are saltwater and can be busy with shipping traffic.
Swimming in the waterways of New York City is a tradition dating back to the 1800s. In the 1920s, the swim around Manhattan grew in stature and national prominence. However, it popularity waned in the 1930s.

In 1993, a dozen swimmers and a band of volunteers opened the modern chapter of Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (MIMS). The swim from this club is now an annual event every June. Registration opens in November and quickly sells out.

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