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Wave: #120  | 
Type: Race 
Time: n/a 

Race Statistics (Current)
Race Distance:26.0 Miles
Total Swimmers:3
Total Dist. Swum:  n/a
Avg. Dist. Swum:n/a
Avg. Pace:n/a
Our course starts from a beach next to the Kalua Koi golf course on Molokai and ends in Koko Head park on Oahu.

During the swim, keep on the lookout for stinging jellyfish and sharks. Also, some swimmer have had to cancel their attempt due to strong winds and high waves.
Also known as the Kaiwi Channel, the first official crossing was in 1961 by Keo Nakama.

Since then, 13 additional swimmers have completed the course.

For more information, please visit Swimming in Hawaii

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