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Wave: #124  | 
Type: Race 
Time: n/a 

Race Statistics (Current)
Race Distance:4.5 Miles
Total Swimmers:5
Total Dist. Swum:  n/a
Avg. Dist. Swum:n/a
Avg. Pace:n/a
Our course is one of the toughest long distance open water swims in the world. It is renown for strong, unpredictable currents, strong winds and icy cold water.

The course was first swum by Christof Wandratsch of Germany on February 07, 2005. Since then, it has been organized into a fundraiser and awareness building event. The current race raises funds for Vista Nova School. For nearly 400 years Robben Island was a place of banishment, exile, isolation and imprisonment. It has come to symbolize, the triumph of the human spirit over enormous hardship and adversity.

For more information about this course / race, please visit Cadiz Freedom Swim.

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